Spotify, Karaoke mode, group sessions and more


Spotify does not rest for a moment, so it is also developing offline playback for free users

Spotify is one of the most popular ways to stream music these days and it shows no signs of slowing down. From making podcasts a priority to adding standalone Chromecast support to the desktop app, the company continues to improve the audio experience. We are now learning about a number of features that seem to be in the works, including karaoke capabilities and group sessions to make it easier to play with friends.

New features in development for Spotify

These works in progress were revealed by serial bottle opener Jane Wong in a series of tweets. The funniest feature of the batch currently in the works is definitely the Karaoke mode, which appears to display synced lyrics while allowing users to adjust the volume of the vocals on the track, depending on how much solo they want to sing.

Group sessions are also being experimented with to allow users on the same Wi-Fi network to connect to audio devices such as speakers. Spotify has always been the best service when it comes to listening on multiple devices, and now you can also share your devices with friends.

Car mode is another experience that may undergo big changes soon. There is a new home screen for the car user interface that features larger images and a redesigned navigation bar. A banner appears at the top letting users know that talking to the Google Assistant can control playback. When listening to a track in car mode, you are working on an updated Now Playing layout that has large round buttons near the bottom to provide quick access to shuffle and voice control.

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Various other settings are also being tested, such as allowing free users to listen to songs offline for up to 30 minutes per day. There is a new playlist option called Auto Refresh that allows the playlist to automatically update with new songs while keeping the ones that are added manually.

Podcasts in the app may not be to everyone’s liking, but the company continues to enhance the experience with a new Your Episodes section in the library where users can save episodes. Finally, there is a new animation for me to like the songs that are being tested. It looks a bit too animated in large, but I guess it will look better in the actual application.

Possibly Spotify is not your preferred music platform, but these enhancements and additions should be helpful to many subscribers. It’s clear the company is serious about sticking with rivals like Apple Music and YouTube Music. Shoot, the company even optimized its app for Chromebooks and Android tablets last month; that’s the dedication the YTM team should copy.

These new features are still in testing, so it is unclear exactly when they will begin to appear in the wild.


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