Spotify: Karaoke mode and other features are tested


Jane Manchun Wang, software engineer, revealed some details about Spotify’s karaoke mode and other features that began to be studied for streaming. In a series of Twitter posts, Wang talked about group sessions and the possibility that users of the free plan could listen to 30 minutes of music offline. Until now, this feature was exclusive to subscribers.

The functionality has not yet been released to all users. So far, the software engineer has also not released a release date for the new features. See the following tweets:

Discover Spotify’s karaoke mode

Karaoke mode allows users to create group sessions to loosen their voices. The volume of the singer’s voice can be adjusted, allowing friends to sing according to their preference. Meanwhile, the screen shows the lyrics of the chosen songs for everyone to follow.

In addition to this new mode and the availability of 30 minutes of free offline music, the Spotify display screen in cars should also change. The icons will be bigger and the application will have voice commands integrated into the Google Assistant.

Finally, the Like Music button has also been redesigned to improve the user experience. Now, instead of just turning red, the button releases little hearts that float across the screen. When disgusting, the button shakes and the heart is left without filling.

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New information about Spotify’s karaoke mode and the availability of new features should be revealed after the trial period.


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