Spotify is testings polls for podcasts


Trying to improve interactions between podcast creators and platform users, Spotify began testing, on Wednesday (23), the polling feature for podcasters. With the novelty, presenters can ask their listeners a series of questions and receive feedback from them.

When launching a poll, the content creator will have the possibility to connect better with his fans in future episodes, according to the audio streaming service. He will, for example, be able to discover subjects of interest to the public, check opinions on previous programs and seek suggestions from guests.

Both the presenter and the listeners who participate in the voting will be able to view the responses in real time, giving the number of votes to increase or decrease for each alternative created. According to the company, the votes are anonymous, that is, podcasters do not have access to the data of those who gave their opinion.

The poll for podcasts on Spotify will be displayed at the bottom of the episode page, in the programs selected for the function test, and also on the playback screen, while you listen to the desired broadcast. The creator has the option to limit participation to one response per person or to release multiple responses, but can only launch one questionnaire at a time.

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