Spotify is said to be hike soon! Here are the details


Although Spotify has managed to surpass the 320 million user threshold worldwide, ad revenue fell during the quarantine period. For this reason, according to the statement, Spotify fees will be increased in the near future. Recently, Netflix had run out of prices in the US. After that, a raise for Spotify, a popular application, came to the fore.

Spotify fees are tried to be increased, but when is unknown

In addition to having 320 million active users, Spotify has 144 million of these users using one of the subscription packages. The platform announced a loss of 101 million euros in the last quarter, and this loss continues.

The company’s CEO, Daniel Ek, says that they enriched the contents as per the company policy and subsequently the quality of the service increased. Consequently, he states that it is possible that the fees to be charged in return for this will increase. Spotify is already testing this in a few countries. Family plan pricing in Australia has been increased since October 1 from $ 17.88 to $ 18.99 for new subscriptions.

Spotify ücretleri zamlanacak

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