Spotify gives good news for its employees


Due to the coronavirus epidemic, most companies around the world have been operating remotely or part-time office for more than 1 year. While NASA, the first institution that comes to mind when it comes to space, has not opened its doors for a long time, technology giants such as Apple and Google want their employees to run their business remotely.

Although the transition process has been quite difficult, the fact that most of the employees like to work remotely, “should we work completely remotely?” began to bring the question to mind. Some companies made statements that their employees will be able to continue remotely in the next period.

Remote work good news for Spotify employees!

Spotify, the most popular online music platform of today, has also joined this caravan and announced that its employees can continue their work remotely after the pandemic is over.

Work from anywhere Thanks to this program called “Work wherever you want”, employees will be able to choose the environment they want to work in. In addition to those who want to work from the office or from home, a mixture of the two is allowed. The company will also set up a co-working space for those who love the office but aren’t close to a Spotify office.

Spotify said in a statement that it intends to make a global change rather than just the home / office divide. Employees can now be moved to different cities or even countries.

In addition, the company offers more flexibility for employees to choose their geographic location, allowing them to decide with their managers from which city and country they want to work, taking into account some limitations due to time zone difficulties and regional laws.

Spotify says “working is not a place you go, it’s something you do.” It supports the new working model by making a statement. At the same time, he stated that the company wanted to move its working approach beyond the “time spent in the office”.

Spotify, which has been flexible in terms of working conditions in the past, is reassessing the future of work, as its employees, like companies in almost all industries around the world, have adapted to much more distant employment during the coronavirus epidemic.


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