Spotify Gets Podcast Snippet Sharing Feature


Spotify announced three tools that will facilitate the exchange of content between users of music streaming. In highlight, one of the features is the sharing of excerpts from podcast episodes.

Awaited by many subscribers, it will now be possible to send the exact moment of a program to family and friends. According to the platform, the novelty will be released gradually in the applications for Android and iOS.

To use Spotify’s new podcast tool, the user must click on the “Share” button while listening to the program. On the next screen, he will see the minute that corresponds to the beginning of the passage that will be sent to other people.

Then, just choose a social network to post the selected part or copy the link. On the other hand, the person who clicks on the link will be directed exactly to the point chosen by the user.

It is important to say that the podcast episodes are still available in full on the streaming service. The new feature just streamlines how to find a specific part of the program.

More sharing features

Another novelty of Spotify is the arrival of the Canvas feature to Snapchat. Previously available only on Instagram, the tool transforms the static images of the music pages into an art showcase with video content.

In addition, the platform is updating the sharing menu in mobile apps. With a cleaner layout, it will allow you to view the Canvas and show the contacts and social networks most used by the user.

All of these changes are linked to a Spotify survey that found that about 40% of music discoveries are attributed to social networks. With that, streaming understood how fundamental this is for subscribers.


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