Spotify exclusive content for BLACKPINK’s new album


Celebrating the release of BLACKPINK’s first full album, Spotify is bringing new and exclusive content on “BLACKPINK presents The Album (Enhanced)”.

This program invites BLINKs, as BLACKPINK fans are called, to dive into the world of BLACKPINK by including exclusive videos of the four personnel that have never been seen before, BLACKPINK members’ personal storylines or comments regarding the inspiration and story behind each song, as well as a canvas or short video loop of 8 duration seconds in each track.

According to Spotify’s official statement on Friday, Spotify’s exclusive videos showcasing each member’s edgy “Black” and “Pink” side, are a great reflection of BLACKPINK’s duality.

With a dark color palette, metallic textures, and a sexy look paired with a bright, carefree world and the spirit of freedom, each video featuring Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, respectively, allows listeners to fully enjoy the BLACKPINK concept.

Sharing more about their single “Lovesick Girls” on Spotify’s Storyline, they revealed that for the first time Jisoo and Jennie took part in the songwriting process.

“Based on a guitar sound that resembles country music, sophisticated melodies accompanied by retro sounds highlight BLACKPINK’s strong vocal quality. For the first time, Jisoo and Jennie took part in the writing process of ‘Lovesick Girls.’ The lyrics revolve around the question of why people keep looking for love, even though they are also hurt because of love, “said BLACKPINK.

Fans can also listen to various musical styles and sounds in “BLACKPINK presents The Album”, including “You Never Know” and “Bet You Wanna” featuring Cardi B, along with their latest hits “How You Like That” and ” Ice Cream “, a collaboration with Selena Gomez.

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The two songs in total have been listened to more than 300 million times on Spotify prior to their release.


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