Spotify Enters The TikTok Wave and Tests Vertical Video Feeds


Spotify: This Wednesday (24), developer Chris Messina identified the introduction of a new tab called “Discover” in a test version of Spotify for iOS. The new feature has been incorporated into the app’s toolbar, just to the right of the “Home” button, and takes the user to a music feed with vertical videos.

The initiative has a functionality similar to TikTok, with shorts that are swapped in a kind of vertical carousel. Besides being able to use a heart button next to the song name to favorite productions, the user can access the additional information sheet through a shortcut with three dots.

Taking advantage of Canvas?

Messina believes the feed uses Canvas format videos. Released in 2019, the tool allows the creation of short films that accompany the music in the app, working as an animated album cover. According to the company, the function improves some forms of engagement on the platform, making it more likely to share music and add it to playlists, among other monitored metrics.

“At Spotify, we’ve run tests in an effort to improve the user experience. Some of these trials end up paving the way for broader use by customers, and others just serve as important learning. We don’t have more news to share for now.” informed the company to the TechCrunch portal. So it looks like the initiative won’t make it to the “stable” app in the near future.

Adaptation of formats

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that Spotify “plays” with a popular format from other social networks. In 2020, the streaming platform tested a Stories function similar to that of Snapchat with influencers for the dissemination of personalized playlists.

It seems like many want a little piece of TikTok. This vertical video content exploration format was approached by Netflix in March with the debut of Quick Rises featuring short, vertical comedy scenes. YouTube has also jumped on the bandwagon with the Shorts format, Instagram has the reels, and even Pinterest has launched something familiar through Idea Pins.