Spotify Digs Deep Into Your Listening Habits With Just You


Spotify regularly takes a special look at the listening habits of its users and then offers personalized playlists after that look. This list is sometimes a road music list and sometimes a list of the most listened songs of the year. Spotify adds a new dimension to this personalized approach with its new feature called Only You.

With Spotify Wrapped, it shows its users the songs and singers they listened to the most that year as the year ends. Just You, on the other hand, digs a little deeper into listening habits and shows users what sets their combinations apart from others.

The ones that can only be discovered with You are listed as follows:

  • My Music Star Map: My Music Star Map is brought to life based on the artists users listen to. Sun Sign: The artists you listened to the most in the last six months. Moon Sign: The artist who shows your emotional and sensitive side the best among those you listen to. Ascendant Sign: The artist you discovered most recently.
  • Dream Dinner: Three artists you want to invite to your dream dinner. Once you’ve made your choice, Spotify will create a personalized Spotify Mix playlist for each artist based on their mood.
  • The Artist Duo Telling Me: Unique audio matches you’ve listened to recently that offer clues about your listening tendencies. For example, who else listens to “Greta Van Fleet” right after Olivia Rodrigo?
  • My Listening Experience Spanning Time: Your musical journey between different eras.
  • Moments That Tell Me: Music and podcast content you listen to early in the morning or late at night.
  • Genres That Tell Me: Music and podcast genres that make you who you are based on your listening habits.

Spotify also offers Blend feature under the Only You campaign

As part of the Just You campaign, Spotify is introducing a new personalized feature called Blend. Currently in beta, Blend is a brand new feature that allows two friends to combine their musical tastes in a single custom-made playlist.

Spotify users can invite a friend using Spotify’s free (Free) or Premium package to this playlist, which is updated daily, and Blend continues to evolve according to each user’s next listening preferences. It is possible to find the beta version of Blend, which is accessible to all Spotify users worldwide, under the “For Two People” heading in the Only You tab.


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