Spotify Claims: Apple Is Blocking Spotify’s Business


After the launch of the Apple Music application, there was a competitive environment between Spotify and Apple. Apple, who wanted to take advantage of its own application, was making moves to make Spotify’s work difficult. When Spotify officials indicated this, they managed to draw Congress’ attention to the incident.

Spotify hasn’t been shy about stating that Apple has been taking antitrust applications against them for the past few months. Earlier this year, Spotify filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple in the EU about Apple’s policy of operating the App Store.

In particular, company executives argue that Spotify’s rules are created within the App Store and that Apple intervenes indirectly in determining fees. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek began to charge 30% “application tax” from these applications last March to gain an advantage over applications competing with Apple’s own music application.

Spotify’s claims:

Daniel Appendix “Apple, Spotify and other applications are required to pay a 30% tax fee for purchases made through Apple’s payment system, including the transition to the Premium service. If we set our prices accordingly, the price of the Premium membership, Apple Music will be forced to raise above the price. ” expressed his words.

The US government, on the other hand, began to examine Spotify’s claims more closely. According to a report from Reuters, US lawmakers began investigating Apple’s recent allegations of abuse.

Antitrust claims among technology companies have been a frequent problem lately. It is worth recalling that Congress had allegedly claimed last month that Tim Cook was viewed from a non-competitive framework and that they requested the documents necessary to examine them.

The focus of these reviews is not only Apple. US lawmakers, especially Facebook, Google and Amazon will work to discover the potential mistakes of companies.

Apple’s answer:

Last month, Apple responded to these claims in a long blog post:

“After years of using the App Store to significantly expand their business, Spotify is trying to keep all the benefits of the App Store ecosystem, including significant revenue from App Store customers, without making any contribution to this market. while making a contribution, they are trying to get their share from them.

“Spotify has the right to determine its own business model, but Spotify’s obligation to respond to these claims is misleading in its misleading discourses on who we are, what we build and what we do to support independent developers, musicians, songwriters and creators of all lines. we feel. ”

The fate of the situation will be determined after the investigations of the US government.

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