Spotify buys podcast producer Megaphone for $ 235 million


This Tuesday (10), Spotify made official the acquisition of podcast producer Megaphone. The negotiation, which cost about US $ 235 million, will result in the strengthening of podcast production on the streaming platform, and more news not yet announced by the company.

Megaphone is a podcast producer launched in 2015 by The Slate Group. At the time, the brand assumed the name Panopoly, only to become Megaphone in 2019. The producer is largely responsible for relevant international podcasts, such as those broadcast by Buzzfeed, The Wall Street Journal and Vox.

As soon as it was renamed, the company’s efforts went backstage to content production, ranging from equipment to distribution. Now acquired by Spotify, the brand should continue in this same field and, it seems, will have great importance in the creation of advertisements and means of monetizing content on the streaming platform.

“Together, Spotify and Megaphone will offer podcast producers innovative tools for monetizing their work,” he comments in the press release released on Spotify’s personal blog. There is still no information related to the news coming from this union, but changes are expected to reach content producers in the coming months.

The acquisition of the still Megaphone will undergo reviews by regulatory bodies and, once approved, the group will start to work together with Spotify. Within a few months, the results of this merger will begin to appear on the platform.

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