Spotify Brings New Way To Advertise On Podcasts


Spotify: This Thursday (2) Spotify announced its newest tool: Spotify Podcast Ads. With the growing consumption of podcasts in Brazil, the streaming platform has invested in a new source of revenue, in addition to relying on technology that provides more accurate feedback on how users react to advertisements.

The worldwide consumption of podcasts increased 95% from 2020 to 2021. Only in the second quarter of this year, Spotify registered a consumption of more than 30% among users. From these results, the platform brought a new way for advertisers to reach this engaged audience, with the familiarity of traditional ads with the accuracy and transparency of modern digital marketing.

Spotify Podcast Ads features Straming Ad Insertion (SAI) technology, which delivers and reports on confirmed impressions, reach and frequency — where previously only downloads were considered.

In addition, other personal information about listeners is of great value to digital marketers, including age, gender, device used, and listener behavior. Advertisers can purchase Spotify Podcast Ads in Spotify’s original and exclusive podcasts, allowing for ad servings at the beginning, middle, or end of episodes.

The first company to invest in Spotify’s new solution is Chevrolet, in a project led by Isobar — a major marketing company. According to Hermann Mahnke, Executive Director of Marketing at GM South America, the company has been digitizing the way it interacts and communicates with consumers and Spotify has brought completely new data to podcast advertising.

For Jon Hales, interim sales director for Spotify in Latin America, the goal is to take podcast advertising to the next level, offering brands exclusive information about their audiences and creative solutions that can truly capture consumer attention.


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