Spotify brings a new notification system for podcast


Spotify, which attracts users with its podcast broadcasts, now has a new notification system. Spotify, which enables sending “mobile notifications” on some of the other podcast broadcasting platforms, thus aims to inform its users of the newly shared podcast broadcasts. Spotify podcast notifications are coming from today.

Spotify podcast notifications are coming

Many notifications come from almost all mobile applications throughout the day. Thanks to notifications, we are actually informed about shares, live broadcasts, likes and many things. Wanting to take advantage of the power of this, Spotify also brings a notification system for podcast broadcasts.

The new simple Spotify feature will start throwing new podcast episodes as mobile notifications starting today. With Spotify podcast notifications, you will be prevented from missing the newly released episodes.

Users will start receiving notifications when they choose to be notified of new episodes of broadcasters they subscribe to or follow. If you do not like notifications, you may not enable this feature, as it can be turned off and on when desired, and in this way it can be adjusted to the user’s wishes.

Spotify also wants to feed the growing podcast audience. Spotify, which has established different agreements and partnerships on this subject, aims to meet its users with different publications soon. The popular platform, which signed agreements with famous names, is also assertive about podcasts.


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