Spotify backs Epic Games: Against Apple!


Epic Games’ mobile game Fortnite, which was removed from both the App Store and the Google Play Store after the developments experienced yesterday, continues to develop. Spotify, which is not good with Apple, supports Epic Games. This is because a lawsuit is still pending between the popular music service Spotify and Apple. Spotify, which is one of the applications with a similar 30 percent block, has already chosen the court case on the grounds that Apple is not neutral.

Spotify supports Epic Games, backs

Spotify, which is one of the companies that criticizes Apple’s attitude to highlight its own applications, is in tension with Apple, especially on the grounds that it is thrown into the background against Apple Music. Accordingly, Spotify backed Epic Games, which Fortnite is affiliated with, in the move to delete Fortnite from the App Store yesterday.

Stating that Epic Games applauded its decision to take a stand against Apple, the Spotify spokesperson emphasizes that Apple is abusing its dominance in the market. In the continuation of the same statement, he says that we should be stronger against Apple’s unfair practices.

Fortnite’s share on the subject:

No wonder Spotify supports Epic Games. Because Spotify, which applied to the European Commission in March of last year, showed its seriousness about the issue.

To remind; Spotify expresses its dissatisfaction with Apple’s policy at every opportunity. The 30 percent commission on the App Store is another disappointment.

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Apple does not allow Spotify to add a referral link to its site so its users can subscribe. In the application features section displayed in the App Store, there is a referral link of Spotify Premium.


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