Spotify, Apple One is unfair practice


The music streaming service Spotify has again filed allegations of anti-competitive practices against Apple. This time, those responsible for the platform accuse Apple of harming competitors with the Apple One subscription, which was recently announced and encompasses all the brand’s services.

In a statement sent to the press, Spotify said that Apple’s new service package will hurt competitors. “Once again, Apple is using its dominant position and unfair practices to undermine competition and deprive consumers by favoring its own services.

According to Spotify, antitrust agencies need to take action against the company to ensure a fairer environment on iOS. According to the streaming platform statement, Apple’s practices can cause “irreparable harm to the developer community” and is a “threat to collective freedom.”

Reply from Apple

In a statement sent to Reuters, Apple responded to the charges made by Spotify. The company said the Apple One is a way of encompassing all of the brand’s services in just one subscription and does not prevent users from finding other solutions. “Consumers can discover and take advantage of alternatives for each Apple service.”

Announced during the company’s most recent event, the Apple One is a package that includes subscriptions like Apple Music, TV Plus and Arcade in just one amount. The individual plan is now available in Brazil for R $ 26.50 per month, while the Family version costs R $ 37.90 per month in our country.

In the past, Spotify fought with Apple after the company’s systems favored Apple Music in searches, even though the competitor was bigger. Swedish platform executives have also criticized the App Store policy that charges a 30% fee for subscriptions made through iOS.

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The accusations made by Spotify come at a controversial moment for Apple. The company is currently fighting in court with Epic Games, which sued the owner of the iPhones for anti-competitive practices on the App Store.


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