Spotify Announces New Premium Subscription System HiFi


The “high quality music” subscription expected by Spotify users since 2017, Spotify HiFi is starting. High-quality music experience will be provided at extra cost, apart from regular subscription.

Spotify, which has become the world’s most popular music listening source, finally opens its new subscription feature for high quality music. With the package called Spotify HiFi subscription, users will enjoy “lossless and high quality music”.

Spotify, which decided to activate this subscription after Amazon Music and Tidal, will debut with the motto “Lossless music in CD Quality”. It is thought that users who have been waiting for Spotify HiFi for a long time will welcome this subscription system positively.

On Which Devices Will Spotify HiFi Work?

Thanks to the sophistication of today’s headphone and speaker technologies, Spofity HiFi will work on many devices. HiFi is expected to work on all devices, especially speakers with Spotify Connect.

Spotify Hifi is also expected to be marketed as an add-on to its Premium account. It is stated that Spotify, which has grown by 29 percent since last year, is planning such changes in order not to lose its loyal customer base to other platforms.

How Much Will Spotify HiFi Cost?

It is expected that HiFi membership, which will be a Spotify Premium add-on, will not be offered at “affordable prices”. For HiFi, Amazon Music charges $ 15 a month and Tidal $ 20 a month. Spotify is expected to enter the market below these fees, but due to the dollar rate in our country, expectations should not be raised from now on.

Following the announcement of Spotify’s online event, Stream On, with 345 million users, the announcement of Spotify HiFi was evaluated as an effect of Amazon Music. It is not known who will come to the fore in the race between music platforms, but every development makes users happy.


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