Spotify announces ‘lossless’ quality audio: Spotify HiFi


Some people settle for the musical quality that the Spotify streaming music platform presents, currently 128kbit / s in AAC format in the free version and 256kbit / s in Spotify Premium. But there are also those for whom that quality is too small, true audiophiles who dream of that ‘Lossless’ quality without losses. And that is precisely what the platform is going to offer you this year.

Spotify HiFi

Starting later this year, Premium subscribers in select markets will be able to “improve their sound quality” with Spotify HiFi and listen to their favorite songs as the artists intended. Spotify HiFi will deliver music in CD quality lossless audio format to your device and speakers with Spotify Connect, resulting in sound with depth and clarity.

According to Spotify, “We are working with some of the largest speaker manufacturers in the world to make Spotify HiFi accessible to as many fans as possible through Spotify Connect.” Spotify HiFi will go live in select markets later this year, and we will have more details about this service “soon”.

Spotify Clips and RADAR

HiFi was not the only novelty that Spotify has announced in the framework of the ‘Stream On’ event:

Spotify will continue to expand RADAR, its emerging artists program, and will introduce sponsored recommendations in a number of countries “introducing fans to new music,” and will open the ‘discover mode’ beta to more labels this year. Spotify has created the clips, a new way to share “intimate moments” with followers through video in some playlists.
And all artists have access to Canvas, a looping visual that can be added to songs as album “covers”.
The creators of ‘podcasts’ also have new features, such as the collaboration with Anchor and WordPress, which will allow bloggers to share their publications as ‘podcasts’, or creators of ‘podcasts’ have a website for their programs.
This collaboration is accompanied by new features, such as surveys and question and answer sections, that Spotify has been testing with a small group of creators, and will expand to other groups in the coming months.
The platform is also promoting ‘video podcasts’, a feature that it deploys through Anchor and that will be available to more creators by the end of the year.
And it has announced new forms of monetization for podcast creators, such as offering additional content to subscribers.


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