Spotify announces HiFi plan with high fidelity audio for 2021


The streaming platform Spotify announced on Monday (22) the arrival of a new and awaited subscription modality. It is a plan called Spotify HiFi, which offers the transmission of music with the least possible loss of quality and the greatest sound fidelity desired by the artist. The announcement came during Stream On, an event in which the company detailed more plans and strategies to expand in the market.

According to the platform, a HiFi audio transmission model was one of the most requested novelties by the community. The new plan promises “CD quality” for both playback devices and speakers paired via Spotify Connect.

To celebrate the arrival of the HiFi service, the company invited producer FINNEAS and singer Billie Eilish to talk about the importance of a high-fidelity sound plan. According to Eilish, the listener will find things he did not notice before the songs, which will now be in the way intended to be heard.

HiFi will be considered an “additional” service for those who are already Premium subscribers, but the price of the novelty was not disclosed. It will arrive by the end of 2021 “in some selected markets”, with more details to be released soon – the transmission bitrate, for example, is not yet known, nor whether the entire catalog will be part of the system.

Direct rivals of the platform, such as Deezer and Tidal, have been offering the feature for some time, also for an additional price to the subscription service.

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