Spotify and Apple Music feature from YouTube Music


YouTube Music, which was introduced a while ago, continues to develop rapidly. YouTube Music will recommend songs to make your playlists even better. Creating playlists is a feature many people use. Especially the recommended songs, which are presented very successfully on Spotify, come to the YouTube Music side. YouTube Music approaches other apps with its song suggestion feature.

YouTube Music song recommendation feature

Although you often know what you want to listen to, it is really good that music apps offer suggestions based on the songs you listen to. This feature, which allows you to discover different songs, also allows you to add new songs to the genre you listen to.

It uses a special artificial intelligence algorithm for YouTube Music’s new feature. Just like in popular apps, the algorithm shuffles songs from your old playlists and songs you’ve previously listened to to offer suggestions, and creates a list of similar types of tracks.

Once a playlist is made, other users can see it on your profile and any other public playlists you’ve made. If you come across someone else’s playlist, you can also browse through any other public playlists they have created.

YouTube Music continues to gain new features even though it came some time ago. A new playlist feature has recently been added to create mixed lists with your friends.

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