Spotify Acquires Podcast Discovery Service Podz


Spotify announced that it has acquired Podz, an initiative that makes it easier to find new podcast content. The acquisition in question can be considered as the latest link in Spotify’s major podcast expansion that has been going on for several years. This expansion is expected to continue with the paid podcast subscription service.

Podz uses machine learning technology to create audio clips of key moments from a podcast. In this way, it becomes possible for new subscribers to get more comprehensive and accurate ideas about the content of the podcast compared to the written descriptions.

It can be said that the timing of Spotify’s statement on the subject is meaningful. Facebook recently announced that it will launch its podcast service. Facebook’s podcast service will also allow listeners to share one-minute listenable audio clips. Thus, it is aimed to increase the interaction and visibility of the content.

Discovering podcasts on Spotify may become a little easier thanks to Podz. In recent years, the company has taken several steps to highlight podcast content. In this direction, podcast filters were added to search results in iOS and Android applications in May.

Spotify announced that before the end of the year, it will integrate Podz’s technology into its podcast service and bring it together with its users.


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