Sports Story, the sequel to Golf Story


Sidebar Games, creators of the new RPG for Nintendo Switch, announce the delay of a title that was due to arrive this summer of 2020; no new date.

Sports Story, the new RPG sequel to the celebrated Golf Story for Nintendo Switch, is delayed indefinitely and until further notice; This has been confirmed by those responsible for Sidebar Games, an announcement that comes close to its originally planned launch, since it was due to arrive this summer on the Nintendo console. The main reason is none other than that they need more development time to finish the game at the desired level.

It was planned for this summer of 2020

Thus, one of the most celebrated classic-style RPGs on Nintendo Switch, Golf Story, is currently running out of its long-awaited sequel, a game that was scheduled for this summer of 2020 after being announced in December 2019 during a Nintendo Indie World. . This has been announced by those in charge through their official channels, ensuring that they need to spend more time developing the game to reach the desired level for its final launch.

Sports Story Update: Sadly we have a delay to announce. We want to take a little more time to work on Sports Story and make sure that everything can be included in the final game, “they say from Sidebar Games through a brief statement.

“The game has gotten quite ambitious and we are excited about the result. But the price is currently being paid as we try to make our plans come true. We are eager to reveal the results of the last two years, so wait for future updates, “they say in a later tweet.

However, Nintendo Switch is for the moment without one of its most anticipated classic-style RPGs, a sequel that this time focuses on different sports beyond golf. Tomorrow there will be a new edition of the Nintendo Indie World; Will there be any news about Sports Story?


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