Spooky Video Showing How Fast an Infection Spreads With Hand Contact


Scientists working in Japan have created a video to show how coronavirus and other infections can spread with the contact of the hands. Experts say it takes just 30 minutes for an infection to spread to an entire group of 10 people.

A video prepared and published under the counseling of scientists reveals how important hand cleaning is actually in order to be protected from both coronavirus and other infections.

Serving in Kawasaki, Japan, St. Scientists who continue their studies at Marianna University have prepared an impressive video to show how any infection spreads through contact. The video shows how a paint that can be seen under ultraviolet light can be carried by a person to the whole environment.

Video by scientists

As can be seen in the video, the color paint, which can only be seen under ultraviolet light, can easily be transmitted to almost everyone from only one person. Moreover, scientists state that in a group of 10 people, this infection can be transmitted to everyone in just 30 minutes. Three of these 10 people spread their infected hands to their faces within half an hour.

Both the World Health Organization and scientists emphasize that the hands should be cleaned frequently with alcohol or soap in order to be protected from coronavirus. In the video created by scientists in Japan, we see once again how important this cleaning is. It seems that we have to pay attention to the cleaning of our hands, especially if we have to spend time in public places.


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