Spooky Satellite Images Showing the Ghost World Created by COVID-19 (Video)


Nowadays, when the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread, people are not leaving their homes. With a video created by compiling satellite images in Geospital World, it shows how crowded areas turn to ghost cities in a few days.

The world is going through an extraordinary process right now. The coronavirus, which appeared in Wuhan, China at the end of December, and spread to dozens of countries in a short time, continues to pose a threat to humanity. COVID-19, linked to coronavirus, which the World Health Organization has declared as a pandemic, a global epidemic, seriously adversely affects life.

The easy spread of COVID-19 has led to a curfew in many countries. Where there is no ban on people from countries such as Turkey withdrew to their homes and lives literally in many parts of the world have been stalled. Now we will give you a video showing some of the crowded areas in the world and how these regions have ghosted after COVID-19.

The video in question was prepared by “Geospatial World”. Using the satellites of Maxar Technologies, a US-based satellite services company, this video reveals how some crowded areas have calmed down in just a few weeks. The images we will transfer to you shortly are a clear indication of how serious the COVID-19 is actually taken.

Coronavirus outbreak; caused the cancellation of many sports events around the world. In addition, crowded tourist centers and many flight routes were closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As such, schools, tourist centers and airports in many countries have been almost completely emptied. Here is the video prepared by Geospital World, revealing the effects of coronavirus with all its nakedness.

Video showing how crowded places turn into ghostly areas:


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