Sponge Bob: 10 Important Lessons We Learn in Drawing


Sponge Bob: On display since 1999, the most beloved sponge of the seven seas stars in an animated series full of adventures and funny situations. SpongeBob SquarePants focuses on the title character as he interacts with Squidward, Sandy, Patrick, Seu Crab and Gary the snail.

With so many amazing and hilarious episodes, it’s evident that the production is full of creative nuances to illustrate lifelong lessons, isn’t it? For that reason, we’ve selected some of the most captivating ones that have occurred so far in the series.

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10. Always be ready

One of SpongeBob’s mottos, since the first episode, is to be ready to face all situations, whether they are challenging or not. It is remarkable to notice that, when the character goes to apply for a position as a cook at Siri Cascudo, this phrase is very present in his vocabulary. The sponge from the sea manages to satisfy the entire clientele of the restaurant and wins the job so dreamed of in the end.

9. Don’t make mean jokes with your friends

When he ventured into Siri Cascudo’s stand-up comedy, Bob realized that his funny jokes weren’t captivating anyone in the audience. For that reason, he decided to appeal, making some jokes with Sandy, one of his best friends. Turns out the squirrel scientist wasn’t so excited by the jokes, getting quite hurt by it. So here’s the lesson: don’t make fun of your friends, they can get upset.

8. Your friends are priority too

Taking into account that the animated series is made up of interpersonal relationships between friends, SpongeBob learned over the seasons that his second family was made up of all his friends, always encouraging them to achieve their goals, like Lula Mollusk in the episode “ Crazy for the Band”.

7. Avoid procrastination

The riding school has always been a popular place for SpongeBob. After all, his dream of getting a driver’s license was something recurrent. In one episode, he had to write an essay for Ms. Puff, but that task was far from complete as Bob couldn’t concentrate and procrastinated all the time.

His effort was something impressive, showing that, even at the last minute, procrastination would not win him. But let’s not forget that, at the end of the episode, the task was canceled by Ms. Puff.

6. Never forget what you love

A very interesting thing about the construction of the protagonist of this series is that he doesn’t care so much about the opinion of others. For this reason, whenever Bob’s grandmother invited him to her house, he was spoiled in every way. Even though he was already an adult, the character also did not forget what he loved most: being close to his grandmother, even though everyone around him judged him for it.

5. Don’t be a squid

We all know that SpongeBob’s neighbor is quite curmudgeonly, caring only about his own belly button. Over the seasons, viewers, however, followed the various slaps in the face that Squidward received from Bob, considering all the things he did to avoid becoming an embittered and stagnant being in his own routine.

4. Have fun

Although there are episodes directly focused on the protagonist’s fun — such as when he goes hunting jellyfish, for example — this motto is visibly exposed at various moments in the narrative, especially when there are adversities. After all, Bob and his friends are always ready to overcome problems with a good deal of complicity and fun.

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment

In addition to having fun and always being ready, SpongeBob is also not afraid to try new situations. We can easily remember several episodes in which the character was seen in completely new circumstances and taking risks in every way.

2. Don’t stop dreaming

A simple box, for example, can take us to different places, can’t it? Simple things become grand with the power of imagination. And that’s something pervasive throughout the entire animated series, especially when SpongeBob and Patrick are together having fun in every way they can.

1. We won’t always get it right the first time

And to close the list, we cannot fail to mention the various trials and errors of the protagonist in achieving his goals. Especially when it comes to the driver’s license, we can see that Bob is not as successful as he thought.

Even so, he never gives up and fights for the ideals he believes in. So, here’s the tip: we’re not always going to get it right on the first try and the important thing is never to give in to our problems.


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