Spoiler alert! This suburban couple finishes the show early


The ranks in the summer house of stars are thinning! In the previous series, replenishment was only provided: first Marco Cerullo (33) and Christina Grass (34) arrived late, and then Diogo Sangre (27) and Vanessa Mariposa (29) joined them — much to the displeasure of the others. resident. However, the sleeping place has now become vacant, because: The couple prematurely throws away the towel!

The new issue, which can already be seen on RTL+, begins with an excerpt. Mario Basler (53) has already slowed down in past episodes and especially in trials. He had physical ailments, including back pain. “It’s like football. If you have an injury, you have an injury and your body tells you what works and what doesn’t,” explained the former professional footballer. Now the limit has been reached for him: Mario and his partner Doris Buld voluntarily move out. “It doesn’t make sense to stay here because we can’t make games,” Mario explained.

Nevertheless, the conclusion of the pair is positive. “It was good with you, it was a great time. We are returning home in a good mood and looking forward to returning home, but we would like to stay longer,” Doris said the last words to the remaining ones. the couple’s summer home. And Mario thanked me for the time.


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