Splitgate’s Popularity Has Risen “Thanks To Halo Infinite”


Splitgate: Ian Proulx, CEO of the studio in charge of Splitgate, believes that 343 Industries’ game has given the arena shooter genre greater visibility. One of the games that has delighted fans of classic shooter throughout the past 2021 has been Splitgate, a free to play title developed by 1047 Games and available on both past and new generation consoles as well as on PC. Already its beta during the summer was quite successful when it was released on consoles, to the point that the studio has had to delay the launch of its full version to ensure that it is stable enough. This popularity is due, surprisingly, and according to the CEO of 1047 Games, to the recent launch of Halo Infinite.

New youth for the arena shooter?

Ian Proulx, as he is called, is happy with the arrival of the 343 Industries game, as he believes that both titles will bring more players closer to the arena shooter genre.

“I think there is a lot of noise around battle royale right now, and these two games are drawing a lot of people to the shooter arena,” says Proulx. “You know, there are a lot of guys who have never played Halo, right? There are a lot who have never played either Quake or Unreal Tournament either. They have never played this type of game, and getting this exposure I think is very good for the genre. on the whole”.

Additionally, Proulx anticipates that 2022 will be an exciting year for Splitgate, with “many surprises” and “exciting news” to come in the coming months. He also acknowledges that the studio is talking about the possibility of implementing a single player campaign, and that this is being profitable enough to be able to continue with its development in a guaranteed way and to be able to recruit new personnel to add to the team.