‘Split View’ Support Comes to Adobe Lightroom for iPad


Adobe introduced a new feature that will provide great convenience to users using Lightroom on Apple iPad devices. Now, iPad users will be able to use Lightroom and another program at the same time with Split View while using Lightroom.

Adobe offers unlimited convenience to its users with its programs produced for many different areas. Of course, perhaps the most prominent among these programs are photo editing programs. Two names, Photoshop and Lightroom, come to mind among photo editing programs.

For those who do not know the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, Lightroom includes many advanced image processing tools compared to Photoshop. Therefore, Lightroom is especially known as the number one photo editing tool of photographers.

‘Split View’ support came to Lightroom:
Like many Adobe applications, Lightroom is supported on many platforms. Of course, since photographers are constantly on the move, mobile platform supports will benefit them. For those who use Lightroom on their iPad, we are announcing a brand new and useful feature today.

Adobe adds a feature on iPads to the Lightroom app for iPad. The company will also make Split View feature available on iPads for Lightroom. In other words, while editing your photos in one half of the screen, you will be able to do any other work in the other half.

New features brought to Adobe by Lightroom are not limited to Split View support. The company has not just released the update for iPad, and it has brought many features, including other platforms. The most useful feature among these features is the ability to import presets from Google Drive on Android.

However, more camera and lens profiles have been added for desktop, iOS and Android. Desktop users will now be able to export their files in DNG format. Previously, it was only possible to export in DNG format from mobile platforms.

If you are just starting out with Adobe Lightroom, we can say that the program is easy to learn but difficult to master. If you spare enough time and practice, you can get great results. Don’t forget to check out our article titled ‘8 Professional Photo Editing Tips for Adobe Lightroom’ that we prepared for you.


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