Split up or not? Mathias Hen deletes his statement


Is it over with Mathias Hyun (26) and his new girlfriend Michelle? He made his new relationship public only last September. The influencer also met her family. A week ago, he shared a sweet declaration of love of his new love for the anniversary of their relationship. However, now it can become history: Mathias has published a divorce statement.

“Michelle and I are now separated, from today I don’t want to ask any more questions about this,” the former Berlin—Day and Night actor announced in the middle of the night in his Instagram story, which he deleted shortly after. Have the couple reconciled yet? In any case, joint photos can still be seen on Matze’s account. Or was Michelle complaining about his story?

On Tuesday afternoon, Matze finally clarified in his story: it was a joke! “Guys, we were playing a drinking game after Oktoberfest, and one of my punishments was to publish this,” he assured his fans. “We are not separated, and we are doing well.”


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