Split gate development is coming to an end, but a new game is in development


The early launch of Splitgate in 2019 made a real splash in the arena shooter market. Despite joining a saturated genre, the free online multiplayer shooter has created a niche for itself, offering an experience unlike anything else. His implementation of portal mechanics, not unlike Valve Portal games, added a tactical element to the arena shooter, which allowed him to stand out. However, partly due to the limitations of independent development, Splitgate’s audience has wavered due to the polishing and deployment of content. As a natural conclusion, the developer of 1047 Games confirmed that the development of the Splitgate function is ending.

The announcement was made on 1047 in a lengthy statement distributed on social media and on the official Splitgate website. It begins with a thank you to the entire Splitgate community and a confirmation that its active player base has helped achieve the success of Splitgate that few indie games achieve. This success, according to 1047, allowed the developer to turn into a studio that could “stand face to face with shooters from the largest publishers in the industry.” This is also, unfortunately, a key part of why 1047 is taking a step forward from Splitgate.

1047 explains that he spent a considerable amount of time “bailing out the water, trying to make sure that everyone who bought a ticket to board our ship was happy.” More specifically, it says that further development of Splitgate required a significant reworking of old content and systems originally created when the studio was significantly smaller. All this happened at a time when the 1047th continued to work on remaking its “boat into a rocket”. 1047 is getting bigger and more powerful, and the ongoing development of Splitgate seems to be holding back this progress.

Looking ahead, 1047 Games states that in order to “create a game that the fans deserve,” the development of the Splitgate feature is coming to an end. Instead, 1047 will go all-in to develop a new game, which, according to the description, makes “revolutionary, not evolutionary” changes to the Splitgate experience.

Confirmed information about the new game includes that it is from the Splitgate universe, that it is a shooter, that it has portals, that it will be free, and, in addition, it is built on Unreal Engine 5. Obviously, the 1047 has high performance. the ambitions of his new project, but he does not abandon the ideas and concepts that Splitgate players like. The new game will be made primarily for Splitgate fans.

As for what this means for Splitgate players in the near future, the game is not going anywhere. Splitgate will still be available to play, and players will still be able to earn items and progress. 1047 will even launch a new combat pass on September 15th. However, future updates will be limited to minor fixes and fixes. Otherwise, 1047 asks Splitgate players to be patient until the new game is ready for submission.

Splitgate is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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