Splinter Cell Remake Is Official; First Details Of The Return Of Sam Fisher


Splinter Cell Remake: Ubisoft Toronto will be responsible for the return of Sam Fisher in the video game industry. Splinter Cell Remake is already in development. Ubisoft confirms the development of Splinter Cell Remake, the return of Sam Fisher with his first adventure updated to today’s times. From the gala company they point to Ubisoft Toronto as the team that will take the reins of the project. A project that hopes to “offer next-generation graphics and gameplay, as well as the dynamic lighting and shadows for which the saga is known” thanks to the Snowdrop engine. In the header of this news you can see a review on what to expect from this job.

Splinter Cell Remake “will not be an open world”

Matt West, producer of the game, has cleared any doubt about what approach the remake will take: it will not be an open world, but will maintain the linear progress of the original titles. “Although we are in the early stages of development, what we are trying to do is make sure that the spirit of the early games remains intact, in all the ways that the early Splinter Cells took their identity,” he reveals.

West stresses that the remake will be “built from scratch”, in addition to updating the visuals and “some of the design elements to fit the expectations and comfort of today’s players.” Peter Handrinos, technical producer, explains that the team is conducting an “exploration and innovation” exercise in terms of comparing against the original from a technical perspective.

The phrase “respect the glasses”, in honor of the night vision goggles that Sam wears, is the main catchphrase of the current phase of development, according to West. “I love glasses as a symbol of Sam. We are making a game that is going to be modern, but built on the foundation of the brand’s rich history. ” He shares that that phrase “helps them remember the fact that they must do justice” to the saga they are about. At the moment it has not transpired on which platforms it will debut and its launch framework.