Splinter Cell announces animated TV series with John Wick


Taking everyone by surprise, the Splinter Cell series is back, but not in the way you imagine. According to the Variety website, Netflix and Ubisoft have partnered so that the Sam Fisher franchise becomes an animated series on Netflix by the hands of Derek Kolstad, screenwriter for the John Wick franchise. However, nothing was officially revealed and the information came from reliable Variety sources.

According to the website, the series will have two seasons and 16 episodes in total, but no details have been released by the website so far (such as the release date and part of the plot, for example).

Despite being a rumor so far, Variery does not usually post vague rumors and always disseminates very solid information that is verified with sources close to the industry. However, as there is no official statement yet, we should treat it as a rumor. If it proves to be true, the announcement may possibly arrive at the second Ubisoft Forward, the company’s event that should happen in September (but still with no specific date for now).

So, if it is real, did you like the news? Maybe Sam Fisher and Splinter Cell won’t have a game soon, but at least there’s a series to get us in touch with the franchise again.

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