Splatoon 3: Where is the locker room?


For the first time in the Splatoon series, Splatoon 3 players can now customize their own locker with a variety of cute little trinkets purchased from the Harmony department store, also known as Hotlantis. Heading to the locker room of the game, players can see and customize their locker, as well as look into the lockers of other players for inspiration.

This Splatoon 3 guide will show players how to find a locker room and where to find locker decorations.

How to open a locker room

Before Splatoon 3 players can access the locker room, they will need to reach level 4 by playing online matches in the lobby. To play online, players must climb stairs in the center of Splattsville and then pass through sliding double doors.

Once in the lobby, players can start the match by entering the capsule next to the terminal or by pressing L to enter the match menu. Take part in the battles of the “War for Territory” and play until you reach level 4. And for those who are not confident in their Splatoon skills, experience will still be awarded for losses.

After reaching level 4, players must head to Hotlantis, a department store in Splattsville. Players can get there by pressing X to open the menu, and then go to the general store (this is a store with red doors to the right of the exploration guide.

After talking to Harmony about the lockers, the locker room will finally be open to the players. However, before players head to their locker, feel free to buy any items from Harmony to put them in the locker.

Where is the “Locker Room”?

Splatoon 3 doesn’t really tell players where the locker room is, and that’s where this guide comes in. Players can find a locker room in the lobby of Splatoon 3, right behind the Shell-Out Machine, which looks like a chewing gum machine. Players should see it to their right when they enter the multiplayer lobby.

How to set up a locker

There are four sections of lockers, so look at the second section on the left. There will be a white arrow pointing down over the locker belonging to the player. Open the locker with the A button and press the + button to start setting it up with items.

Players can stick stickers on the front of their locker by pressing ZR.

Splatoon 3 has already been released on the Nintendo Switch.


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