Splatoon 3 Locker — a reference to “losses”


A sharp-eyed Splatoon 3 player correctly recognized a reference to the cult meme “Loss” in one of the game’s lockers. In Splatoon 3, which first appeared in the series, lockers are a way to share the player’s personality with others, allowing them to fill and cover him with weapons, equipment and jewelry as they please.

Splatoon 3 lockers seem to have already become a hit, and many unique and funny designs have hit social networks. However, this particular locker hides the link in a prominent place created with squid stickers.

The Splatoon 3 meme was shared on Reddit with other fans by user UwU1408, who simply asked: “This is…” a shortened version of how most people relate to the meme, with “Is this a loss?” A screenshot from the game shows the inside of the locker door covered with squid stickers. However, there is a pattern here: it follows the pattern of four panels of the original comic, with one squid separately, then three iterations of two squids each, with one squid standing and the other lying on the last panel. Anyone who wasn’t familiar with the meme inspired by the tragedy probably wouldn’t have recognized it at all, but this particular meme has been so destroyed since its inception that it is often referred to only by lines.

this…. from the platoon

The “Loss” meme mentioned here originated from the webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del, which was primarily a webcomic about video games. Nevertheless, the creator surprised his readers when he tried to follow the serious path of the comic by creating a comic in which dialogues are not pronounced, but you can see how the main character runs through the hospital to find his girlfriend, who just had a miscarriage. . Despite the seriousness of the subject, the comic eventually became a meme and is often mentioned on the Internet. These references are sometimes as simple as a series of lines matching the character layout pattern, complete with the protagonist’s girlfriend Laila lying on her side in a hospital bed on the last panel, just like the Splatoon 3 player did with the positioning of the characters. squid stickers.

Readers in the comments quickly agreed that this was a reference to the cult meme, while others noted that they had seen similar Loss memes in the game either as a message somewhere in the city square or in other lockers. It is likely that many more memes will be discovered in users’ lockers in the future, as more and more players discover Splatoon 3 items and decorations to place in them.

Splatoon 3 is already available for the Nintendo Switch.


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