Splatoon 3: How to Use Amiibo; What it Does Actually ?


Amiibo has been a staple of the Splatoon series since the release of the first game. Amiibo Splatoon sets are not only collectible figurines, but are often difficult to access, which can disappoint newcomers to the game. Most of the currently available amiibo give rewards and come with unique sets of equipment that can only be unlocked by scanning the amiibo in the game.

The newest game in the series, Splatoon 3, will receive its own set of amiibo in the coming months. On the main square in Splatoon 3, go to the giant empty box with amiibo figures and press A. On the next screen, you should request to hold the amiibo at the correct NFC touch point. Once this is done, the amiibo will be placed in the game box and exclusive items will be unlocked for use. Here’s a look at the currently available amiibo from the first two Splatoon games and what they reveal in Splatoon 3.

Amiibo with Unlockables and their items

Below is a list of all amiibo Splatoon collectible figurines and items that players can unlock by scanning them in Splatoon 3.


Pearl Sweatshirt Pearlescent Kicks Pearlescent Crown S Pearlescent Crown L


Pickled Slip-ons Pickled Top Pickled Headphones


Copy of armor Boots Copy of armor Helmet Copy of armor Jacket


Replica Hero Runner Replica Hero Jacket Replica Hero Headset Replica

Purple Squid

Power Boots Mk1 Power Armor Mk1 Power Mask Mk1

Orange squid

Power boots, power armor, power mask

Incling boy 2

Samurai Shoes Samurai Jacket Samurai Helmet

Inkling Girl (Pink Hair)

Baggy Fringed Loafers Base Fringed Loafers School Cardigan A School Cardigan B Squid Clips

Inkling Boy (Green Hair)

Boots Squinja Suit Squinja Mask Squinja MK 2 Mask Squinja MK 1


Enchanted Boots Enchanted hat Enchanted mantle

Octoling girl

Steel Greaves Steel Helmet Steel Plate Armor

Octoling Octopus

Fresh Fish gloves Fresh fish head Fresh fish legs

About other Amiibo

The other amiibo available don’t seem to be doing anything at the moment other than allowing players to save their styles on them. The award-giving amiibo mentioned above also allows you to save styles on them so that they don’t get lost when changing clothes. This serves as a convenient way for players to save their favorite setup and be ready to work the next time they need it.

Splatoon 3 will receive its own amiibo set, including a triple set that includes a blue octagon, a yellow hint and a small fish. What each of these amiibo will unlock in the game is currently unknown, but it would be reasonable to say that they will probably unlock new items of clothing for players in the game and possibly new styles for the small fry.

Splatoon 3 is already available for the Nintendo Switch.


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