Spiritomb in Las Nieves de la Corona; where is it


We present the method to capture Spiritomb in the expansion of The Snows of the Crown of Pokémon Sword and Shield, now available on Switch.

One of the most striking and complicated activities that players in the Pokémon series usually carry out is completing the extensive Pokédex of the region. With the arrival of the Crown Snows DLC, this task is expanded, offering us new pocket monsters to search. Some will be easy to come by, while others will be slightly challenging. On this occasion, and as part of this complete guide, we are going to explain how to solve the puzzle that will make Spiritomb appear.

Spiritomb; How to catch it and solve the riddle of the grave

There are two requirements to get this Pokémon: having purchased the DLC and having an Internet connection. If we meet both conditions, we can head to Lake Bolaguna. In its southwest area, next to the cliff, we can find a tomb that when we read it reads “Make my voice resound …”.

At this time we will have to connect to the Internet in the menu that opens by pressing Y and pressing the + button. Other coaches will appear in the area. We will have to talk to fifty of them to solve the puzzle. When we have done so, when we interact with the tomb, the message “My voice has resounded…” will appear.

To catch Spiritomb we will have to make a quick trip to another area and then return to the location of the tomb. It is very important to have read the previous message on the grave, otherwise the Pokémon in question will not appear. If we have done everything correctly, we will find Wild Spiritomb at level 72 in the area near the tomb of the riddle.


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