Spiritfarer: developer announces three free DLC packs


One of the indie games that caught the most attention in 2020 was undoubtedly the acclaimed Spiritfarer. Fortunately, your fans will have even more content to enjoy in 2021, as developer Thunder Lotus has announced three DLC packs for the game.

These updates will be made available throughout 2021, with one planned for our fall, one for winter and the last one in spring. Best of all, these DLCs will be completely free for everyone who already owns the game.

According to the developers, the first update will come with a new spirit called Lily. Whoever has played, knows that the protagonist Stella is responsible for commanding a raft that takes the dead to the Hereafter. Recalling more about her past, Stella realizes that flowers start to form around her boat, which brings butterflies to him. These butterflies form the spirit of Lily, her younger sister.

That alone will make for a great story, but it’s not the only thing the update has to offer. The update will bring a new interface and the ability to fish cooperatively. In addition, there will be some changes in quality of life that have not yet been detailed.

The second update will be called Beverly, which, as you might imagine, is also the name of the new spirit that we will know. She used to be Stella’s neighbor, but you’ll have to start your relationship from scratch. This DLC will also have new collectibles, recipes and rooms to put on your ferry.

The last DLC will be Jackie & Daria, which will bring nothing less than a new island to the game. This location will have a well-finished hospital, with a caregiver named Jackie taking care of patient Daria. Stella’s duty here will be to help Jackie with her tasks. According to developer Thunder Lotus, more information about this update will be revealed when its launch is near.

Anyway, it’s a lot of free content, don’t you think? If you were still unsure whether to play Spiritfarer, here are three great additional reasons!


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