Spiritfarer, analysis: Light as a guide


We accompany Stella in an adventure of enraptured interactive proposal, inspired by a combination of genres, and worthy of an audiovisual beauty comparable to the best of the genre. Are you coming?

When Chihiro arrives, accompanied by her parents, to what appears to be an abandoned amusement park full of filthy buildings – with polychrome facades and winding cobblestone paths – the wind blows through the buildings while Hisaishi’s piano chords accompany her steps .

It is a sense of calm that, however, is accompanied by a feeling of unease in the face of the unknown. Thunder Lotus Games uses its direct inspiration from the imaginary of Spirited Away and other Hayao Miyazaki films to immerse us in a fantasy world of spot colors, aesthetic references to our beloved GRAY and a character design that draws on French productions. Wakfu and Dofus. And it does so both in visual approach and in the design of its elaborate animations. All of this is especially nice on screen, but what does Spiritfarer offer us as a playable experience?

Light as a guide

Continuing with references to the 2002 Berlinae Golden Bear-winning cinematographic work, when we launched into the unknown in our newly acquired ship, the keel of the ship breaks the waves of idyllic maritime landscapes, we embarked on a adventure as the new Guide of Souls, and we are preparing to reform our ship to host all kinds of charismatic characters: we must take good care of them, feed the crew with the resources of our newly assembled orchard, and continue to improve the rooms by making our own own fabrics and managing the aft sawmill.

Little by little, our ship will gain in length, it will expand its rooms and, incidentally, it will look more and more like a gigantic “bathhouse for lost souls” where family life becomes more and more pleasant.

Our mission is not without sadness. Under the role of Stella, we will be responsible for making the transition between the world of the living and the afterlife as pleasant as possible for our particular guests. Being the hostess of death is easy for us, and doing it with affection as a flag – the simple action of being able to give hugs to our guests is exciting, even more so if there is the possibility that they will accept them or not according to their mood – is something that is always comforting in the world of video games. Where violent dynamics abound, this type of mundane proposal is appreciated.


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