Spirit and mouse look like strays with mice


On September 26, a charming new game called The Spirit and the Mouse will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch. It seems to be the perfect game for Stray fans, as the player takes on the role of a little mouse named Lila, who explores a small French village called Saint-et-Claire. In general, the game looks useful, the main character can listen and help disadvantaged villages, collecting happiness for new abilities.

The mouse is also not alone, because, like the cat from the Tramp, Lila’s mouse has a companion. However, instead of AI, this companion is a spirit named Lumion. Lumion is not the only spirit in the game, as there are others that can be found, which are called Kibblins. Since this game is due out soon, Stray fans should mark this adorable little gem in their calendars.

About the game

Judging by the trailer, the game is about a mouse struck by lightning. The mouse survives and meets the electric spirit, and they begin working together to help the human village recover from the mischief caused by the Kibblins. The mouse receives electricity, which gives it the opportunity to travel around the city by wire. She also works to make friends with the Kibblins to help her help the village people.

Like Stray, the game is narrative-oriented. Playing as a small animal, the player can listen to the concerns of the villagers and help them. Exploration is also highly encouraged and the world is quite interesting from the mouse’s point of view. According to the description of the game on Steam, players can reveal secrets at their own pace, solve puzzles controlled by characters, play mini-games and collect happiness to gain new abilities.

Another element that brings The Spirit and the Mouse closer to Stray is that it is an indie game. It was developed by Alblune, a two-person studio run by Alex Struk and Lucy Lescuyer. According to Alblune’s Twitter page, the indie team aims to focus on non-violent games in creative universes that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Compared to a tramp

Since Stray was released this summer and received a huge amount of positive reviews, it’s hard not to compare it with The Spirit and the Mouse. Both talk about animals with fantastic buddies, urban exploration and, it seems, a useful look at the life of citizens. However, there are some key differences.

One of the main differences is that this place doesn’t seem dystopian. In the Tramp, the Fortress City had dark shades of human extinction. The Spirit and the Mouse seem more innocent, people are still alive and well in a sleepy French village, and no dystopia is in sight. While the Tramp was a cyberpunk, “Spirit and Mouse” seems more fantastic due to the presence of electric spirits and the abilities of electric mice.

Another key difference is that the players will be a mouse, not a cat. This will change the way you research. While the Tramp focused on how cats can explore the city vertically and jump a lot, the Spirit and the Mouse will most likely use the uniquely small mouse size to get to the place. As shown in the trailer of the game, the mouse will also be able to travel on wires. Spirit and the Mouse isn’t coming out on PlayStation yet, which may be an obstacle for some Stray fans, but it will still be available on several different platforms, so fans should keep an eye on it when it comes out this month. .

The Spirit and the Mouse is released on September 26, 2022 for Nintendo Switch and PC.


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