Spirent and Wi-Fi NOW Will Work Together for New Wi-Fi Technology


Following the innovations in Wi-Fi technologies, it became very important that products with more advanced Wi-Fi features were introduced to the market as quickly as possible. Spirent and Wi-Fi NOW have decided to cooperate in the field.

Spirent Communications is one of the world’s largest experts in testing, assurance, analytics and security solutions. The company will now cooperate with Wi-Fi Now for Wi-Fi 6 tests.

Claus Hetting, CEO of Wi-Fi NOW, said that the benefits of Wi-Fi 6, together with the advantages of Wi-Fi 6, will surely begin a new era in the field of high-performance wireless connectivity, while Wi-Fi 6 is able to meet industry-wide expectations. The two companies will evaluate Wi-Fi 6 devices with common tests.

As part of the deal, Spirent will play an important role in the upcoming Wi-Fi NOW event. The two companies will also share critical information important to the industry. Sprient’s knowledge will also be used for Wi-Fi NOW news services and internet training.

Wi-Fi 6 Spreads Very Fast According to Estimates

Spirent said in a statement on the subject, large manufacturers of Wi-Fi industry and partners are pleased to be able to increase the interaction said. The company’s main goal is to serve the industry in the best way and to ensure that high-quality Wi-Fi products enter the market quickly and efficiently.


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