Spiral Fish Wins Scientific Image Contest


Fish: The 2021 edition of the photography competition of the scientific journal BMC Ecology and Evolution brought together an impressive collection of images that show the diversity of Earth’s plant and animal life. From furry crustaceans to hunting wasps and fugitive frogs, the big winner was the photograph of a school of fish in a spiral taken by Kristen Brown, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia (United States). The photo was taken on the Great Barrier Reef on Heron Island (Australia).

About the photo, the researcher said: “This image represents the beauty and bounty of our oceans, as well as the spiraling crisis unfolding in the marine environment. Reefs with high coral coverage and abundant fish populations like this one on Heron Island in the Great Barrier Reef are unfortunately becoming rarer.” She cautioned that without the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the quality of the reef water, coral reefs are in danger of disappearing.

The judges also selected an overall runner-up and winners in six categories: Conservation Biology; Evolutionary Biology of Development and Biodiversity; Behavioral Ecology; Human Evolution and Ecology; Developmental Ecological Biology; Population Ecology and Editor’s Choice.


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