Spinch, PC and Switch analysis: A sensory experience


We look at an eye-catching yet challenging new platformer from Akupara Games and award-winning animator Jesse Jacobs; now available on PC and Switch.

There is no doubt that the genre of 2D platforms is experiencing a new golden age thanks to the most varied proposals, from ambitious titles by large studios to the most artisan proposals by independent developers. And it is in this second group that we can fit Spinch, a psychedelic two-dimensional platform with a colorful staging in the purest retro style, the latest from the Akupara Games studio together with the award-winning Canadian animator Jesse Jacobs and the editor Queen. Bee Games. And the result is none other than an original and challenging old school platform video game, now available on PC and Nintendo Switch at a more than adjusted price of 12.49 euros in both systems. Let’s see what such a particular proposal offers for lovers of retro experiences and challenges at the highest level.

Retro-psychedelic experience

Spinch puts us in the shoes of – worth the redundancy – a Spinch, a friendly organism of great agility and size content that aims to recover its lost young in a colorful world full of bubbling psychedelia. Right from the start, we let ourselves be carried away by such an amazing artistic design, marked by a practically unique personality in the medium and that draws directly from the pictorial and musical culture of the 60s, all through the work of the aforementioned artist Jesse. Jacobs and putting on screen a whole amalgam of colors and geometric shapes that mix spirituality, alternative realities, nature and technology that will not go unnoticed by anyone who gets caught up in such a suggestive format, both visually and soundly. Although beyond his original personality, Spinch hides a most traditional platforms, both in concept and in gameplay, and that yes, he lets himself play in the best of ways.

So much so, that the control is really simple, with the joystick to move, a jump button and a dash button, a kind of valid impulse both on the ground to run faster for a few moments and in the air so that our jumps go further. To all this we must add a very grateful resource in games of this type, where agility and frenetism have such a presence, which is none other than bouncing between narrow walls and the possibility of climbing vertical surfaces based on small jumps.

The result is a small character that moves wonderfully, in a precise way that even allows certain corrections in the jumps in order to adjust our movements in the most delicate sections, which will not be few. In this sense, Spinch offers sufficient guarantees at the level of playability so that the most technical players – and patients – can express such a challenging proposal.


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