Spin-off series can be made available on HBO Max


The spin-off of The 100 (The Hundred) can be made available through the streaming platform HBO Max. According to the creator, Jason Rothenberg, the new series has been devised for a long time and may even open doors for new productions. The new trajectory should accompany Bill Cadogan, son of the series’ biggest villain.

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In The 100, a group of 100 nuclear war survivors are sent back to planet Earth. Your mission is to check the conditions of the planet to find out if it can return to being the home of the human race.

Initially produced and broadcast by The CW, the series was very successful in terms of audience. However, the creators believe that this audience also came from making the title available in the Netflix catalog.

However, the producer ended its contract with the streaming platform and started looking for other options in the market.

As such, HBO Max has become a great option for The 100 series. According to The CW CEO Mark Pedowitz, discussions about The 100’s display rights have already started, including the prequel series, should it win. life..

So far, no information has been confirmed about the future of the spin-off and on which platform the episodes should be made available. So keep an eye on the site to find out more!

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