Spin-off scales players from Sabrina and The Rookie


Actresses Jaz Sinclair and Lizze Broadway were recently announced as part of the cast of Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys spin-off series. According to the findings of the international press, the actresses will have prominent roles in the new production of streaming superheroes.

Jaz Sinclair has become well known in recent years for playing Rosalind Walker, over the four seasons of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The actress also made occasional appearances in Easy and The Vampire Diaries, in addition to the film Paper Cities, based on the work of the same name by John Green.

Lizze Broadway, on the other hand, participated in two episodes of ABC’s investigative drama The Rookie. In 2019 and now in 2021, she was seen playing the controversial Aurora. Other recent appearances include the series Here and Now, Chicago PD and NCIS.

The series derived from The Boys, still without an official title released by the producers, will be set in a college aimed at young superheroes. Thus, betting on a more irreverent tone for the scenic composition, the episodes will focus on several conventions previously seen in productions that take place in academic life.

According to the description of the spin-off, while the characters put their physical, sexual and moral limits to the test, they end up competing for the best contracts in the best cities to fight crime at all costs.

One of the main mysteries that the plot will certainly have is about Vought International’s intentions regarding these new superheroes.

Learn more about the participation of Jaz Sinclair and Lizze Broadway in the spin-off of The Boys

For the time being, a few details about the character of each of the actresses have been released. Jaz Sinclair will be the young superheroine Marie, while Lizze Broadway will play Emma. Apparently, the duo will be instrumental in the presentation of the arcs that the series should address.

It is not known for sure whether they will be allies or enemies, but possibly, we will see quite intense conflicts involving these new characters. It is worth mentioning that the 3rd season of The Boys is currently being produced for Amazon Prime Video. The expectation of the fans is that the premiere of the new episodes will happen in 2021.

Headed by Eric Kripke, the series of superheroes follows two very antagonistic teams that want to end each other. With countless mysteries and action, the plot is one of the most watched in Amazon’s streaming, which justifies the production of a spin-off at this stage.

The derived series was first announced in September. At the time, he was informed that the development work was already advanced and that the episodes would have a very strong satirical shit.

Craig Rosenberg, who also serves as a screenwriter for The Boys, will serve as the showrunner for the production.

Let’s wait for more news!


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