spin-off Kingdom of Wakanda coming soon to Disney +


Black Panther will receive a series linked to the Kingdom of Wakanda on Disney +. Likewise, the director of Black Panther and Black Panther II, Ryan Coogler, is associated with the Wakanda series, as part of the five-year agreement between his company Proximity Media and Disney.

For his part, Coogler has issued a statement, saying in part that it is an honor to partner with The Walt Disney Company and work with them on Black Panther as it was a dream come true for him.

In turn, Disney CEO Bob Iger issued his own statement, saying that Ryan Coogler is a unique storyteller whose vision and scope have made him one of the most prominent filmmakers of his generation.

Claiming that with Black Panther, Ryan brought a groundbreaking story and iconic characters come to life in a real, meaningful and memorable way, creating a defining cultural moment.

“We are delighted to strengthen our relationship and look forward to telling more great stories with Ryan and his team,” said Iger.

Recall that both Marvel and Disney have been in a tough spot since Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman died last fall.

Because Boseman’s death was so sudden and unexpected that he left the studio struggling to figure out what to do with Black Panther II and the franchise as a whole.

Which is why Marvel Studios has confirmed that Boseman will not be re-airing in the next Black Panther movie, leading to all kinds of fan theories about how the MCU will explain T’Challa’s absence.

Thus, this Kingdom of Wakanda series adds a new wrinkle, as it arguably offers some of Black Panther’s supporting characters a bigger place to shine, making us wonder once again who the sequel film will pick on. to concentrate.


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