Spider-Man’s New Way of Destroying Doc Oka Is Absolutely Ridiculous


Warning! Spoilers Ahead for Amazing Spider-Man #6

In the 900th edition of Spider-Man’s Legacy, the iconic Webslinger discovers the most ridiculous way to destroy Doctor Octopus and his deadly robotic arms. The festivities taking place on Peter Parker’s birthday are interrupted when Octavius’ hands break in on their own to return Spider-Man to their captured owner. With no choice but to follow the weapon and save the entire Sinister Six from a new Adaptoid carrying all their dark abilities, it turned out that all of Spider-Man’s past battles with Doc Ock could have been much easier.

The Amazing Spider-Man #6, released by Zeb Wells and Ed McGuinness, is the 900th issue since the release of the very first The Amazing Spider-Man by Stan Lee and Steven Ditko in 1963. Naturally, such a landmark issue deserves an equally significant story. In this new installment, Spider-Man decides to save the Sinister Six, a classic collection of his worst enemies captured by a Living Brain. Still looking for answers about Spider-Man, the robot started asking in The Amazing Spider-Man #8. The Living Brain believes that the villains of Webslinger own the key, and also build a Sinister Adaptoid to protect them.

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Interestingly, the hands of Doctor Octopus were sent by Octavius himself to find Spider-Man in this new issue. While they do have a neural connection to the Marvel supervillain, it seems that the usually deadly appendages have a mind of their own that goes beyond the will of their master. Illustrative example: Spider-Man’s kindness to his hands shows that the metal apparatus reacts and behaves little other than a puppy, arousing Peter’s sympathy and leading him to the Sinister Six to save their lives from a Living Brain (contrary to Spider-Man’s common sense).

Just by being nice and showing affection, Spider-Man was able to use the hands of the Eye to fight the Sinister Adaptoid once he discovered where his rogues’ gallery was kept. However, at the moment when Spider-Man and his enemies together successfully defeat an incredibly dangerous robot, the inevitable happens: The Six immediately pounces on Peter. At the same time, Doctor Octopus becomes the most useless villain during the battle when his hands refuse to hit the new friend they have acquired in Spider-Man. While it’s fun, it’s strange to think that this particular move could have been made at any point in Spider-Man’s years-long struggle with Doc Ok.

This new connection between Spider-Man and Doc Oka’s hands should be temporary and limited to this one problem for the sake of humor. Because of this humiliation and inability to attack his worst enemy, Doctor Octopus will make some major changes to his appendages to make them submit in future battles. However, this is certainly one of the most ridiculously hilarious parts of the core Spider-Man legacy issue. The amazing Spider-Man #6 is already on sale.


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