Spider-Man’s New Dark Tactics Make Him Less of a Hero Than Ever

Attention: spoilers for The Amazing Spider-Man #5 are ahead!
In the latest installment of Marvel Comics’ New Spider-Man, Peter Parker uses a completely new method of fighting crime in New York, which is pretty amazing. Recently, the main rival of Spider-Man was the criminal authority Tombstone, who set himself the task of teaching a lesson to Webslinger. Nevertheless, Spider-Man finally managed to change the situation with the Marvel villain, presenting an ultimatum that is morally more gray than fans are used to seeing from Peter Parker.
In previous issues of “The New Spider-Man” by Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr., Tombstone set itself the task of making Spider-Man its “project”. To this end, Spider-Man was beaten and taken to an abandoned subway tunnel, while Tombstone claimed that he was going to stage an attack and blame it on Rose (Kingpin’s son), his main rival, with whom he was in an active gang war. Desperate to save innocent lives, Spider-Man broke free and brutally destroyed all the men in the building above (believing they were Tombstone people who hadn’t left yet). However, they were actually Rose’s people with Spider-Man, who were tricked into doing the dirty tombstone work for him.
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Despite the epic fooling, Peter still gets the upper hand in the amazing new Spider-Man #5. Coming straight to the Tombstone house, Spider-Man threatens to reveal the villain to the rest of the criminal authorities of New York, promising to declare that he now works for the Tombstone. In addition, he also sent one of Rose’s remaining enforcers to destroy Tombstone’s secret cache of supplies. With much more power than in the last release, Spider-Man’s new idea is not to hand over the Tombstone to the authorities (which would be ineffective). Instead, Peter is suddenly going to use organized crime in New York to his advantage.
Knowing that creating a power vacuum will do much more harm than good, Spider-Man decides to blackmail Tombstone to deter organized crime. Although it’s the lesser of two evils, it’s still a more morally ambiguous scenario than the one Spider-Man is used to. Even Tombstone is impressed with Spider-Man’s new tactics (which isn’t exactly good). While it’s interesting to see this somewhat darker side of Spider-Man, he risks becoming too dark (potentially losing himself in the process).
Anyway, there are a lot of questions about what’s going on with Spider-Man. Between this new passage and the previous passage, something important happened that isolated Spider-Man from many of his loved ones. So whatever the event is, there may well be a reason why Spider-Man is willing to adopt this amazing new tactic.