Spider-Man: Tom Holland Wanted ‘Spicy Scene’ in The Next Movie


Spider-Man: Tom Holland said that Marvel rejected an idea, proposed by him, to show a sex scene of his character in the next Spider-Man movie (“No Way Home”, still untitled in Brazil). In an interview with Capital FM radio channel on TikTok, the actor commented that he contributed to the creative process in parts of the script and joked that he tried to insert this most spicy moment in the plot.

“I was thinking about a few things, writing scenes, ideas and sending them to Marvel. And a lot of them [executives] said ‘no man, that’s a terrible idea’. But some of them ended up accepting and will even be part of the film, so my involvement [in the next feature] won’t just be as an actor,” he said.

When asked which particular idea was rejected, Holland responded that “I think we should have a really spicy sex scene,” a suggestion that was soon turned down, he said. Check out!

Spider-Man’s third solo adventure, starring Tom Holland, will hit theaters on December 17th. So far, no details of the story have been confirmed by the studio, which often fuels rumors about the film. The most commented fan theories concern the possibility of the attraction approaching the so-called “Spiderverse”, with the meeting of different realities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

In that way, the title could have the return of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield — former interpreters of the flat-out diehard. In addition to these, rumors point to the participation of former villains, such as Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus, as well as possible allies, such as Daredevil — a hero who in the comics has already shared many adventures with Spider-Man.