Spider-Man: Tom Holland Reveals His Favorite Scenes From Maguire And Garfield


Spider-Man: The release of the new Spider-Man: No Return Home is in full swing in the United States and the cast is taking the opportunity to share more details about the plot and backstage. Last Monday (6), protagonist Tom Holland was asked, of course, about Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

In an interview with Jake’s Takes Youtube channel, Holland told which scenes starring Tobey and Andrew he likes the most.

“In Tobey’s movies, I love the final battle between him and the Green Goblin. Something I also really wanted to do in my movies is the tattered clothes. Do you know how he always has tears in his uniforms, especially his mask? I’ve always liked that because it brings realism to the wounds Spider-Man suffers.”

In Andrew Garfield’s Duology, Spectacular Spider-Man, Holland says that a simple scene is his favorite. “I love the scene where he skates, actually. I know this is a little far from who Peter Parker is, these are films that go in different directions, but I really enjoyed that scene, it’s really fun.”

He explains that the moment is special as it brings another vision of the hero. “I think it brings out a very interesting and fun aspect of Peter Parker’s life. For me, what matters are these moments when it becomes clear that Spider-Men are not invincible.”