Spider-Man: This Will Be His Relaunch In The Comics For The 60th Anniversary


Spider-Man will celebrate his 60th anniversary with an Amazing Spider-Man reboot and many more releases. This is what some covers look like. 2022 will be the 60th anniversary for Spider-Man, one of the most important superheroes in Marvel Comics. The house of ideas has in mind to celebrate it in style so that our friend and neighbor lives up to what millions of readers expect. Among all that they have planned, we find a reboot of Amazing Spider-Man by the author Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. in the brushes with different commemorative covers from numerous artists.

This will be Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2022)

That first issue of Amazing Spider-Man with Wells and Romita Jr. will feature variant covers by artists known to have been a part of the character’s history in the past; like Mark Bagley or Humerto Ramos. Also included will be art by Russell Dauterman and Patrick Gleason, among others. This issue will go on sale next April 6, 2022 in the United States.


Written by ZEB WELLS
Art and cover by JOHN ROMITA JR.
Variant cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS
Variant cover by MARK BAGLEY
Variant cover by TRAVIS CHAREST
Variant cover by JIM CHEUNG
Cover variant by RUSSELL DAUTERMAN
Variant cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG
Connecting style cover variant by BENGAL
Variant cover by PATRICK GLEASON
Cover variant by PEACH MOMOKO
Variant cover by STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU
Cover variant by INHYUK LEE
Cover variant by MARK BAGLEY & JOHN ROMITA SR.
Variant cover by ROSE BESCH
Virgin Variant Cover Virgin style by ROSE BESCH

Zeb Wells is a well-known author for Spider-Man lovers; especially for his work in Un Nuevo Día and in his stage in Beyond. For his part, John Romita Jr. is one of the artists most closely linked to Peter Parker in recent decades. His debut came in The Amazing Spider-Man #11, while he later worked alongside either Roger Sern or J. Michael Straczynski, another Spider-Man legend.