Spider-Man, the next Marvel hero to arrive in Fortnite


Rumors indicate that Fortnite will add Spiderman to its great Marvel crossover

Season four of Fortnite has finally arrived and with it comes a massive Marvel crossover called Nexus War. With the cosmic threat Galactus looming, Thor enlists the help of numerous comic book characters including Wolverine, Doctor Doom, and more.

Large portions of the Battle Royale map have also been renamed and customized to have a more wonderful appearance which has only further helped fans join in on this latest event, however it appears that Epic and Marvel are just getting started with what is. planned for this season.

Spiderman the next Fortnite hero

Recently, a number of leaks and rumors have started to surface, many of which originated from data miners investigating the internal files of the Fortnite game. Fans have already come across some cool details, like the addition of more Marvel-themed locations to the game.

One in particular that stood out made reference to Black Panther, leading many fans to believe that the Wakandan frontman could make it to the game at some point this season.

However, Fortnite data miner HYPEX has dug up a bit more details, discovering a Spider-Man logo on one of the Season 4 achievements.

Naturally, speculation began to skyrocket with fans assuming this meant that the incredibly popular character would be found in the in-game item store in the coming weeks to aid in the battle of Nexus War.

Some have also wondered how strange it would be to see Spider-Man holding a weapon, although the same could be said for most of the Marvel heroes currently available in Fortnite.

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Another notable Fortnite leaker, Shiina, found more evidence of Spider-Man around the achievement information, in a new Tweet, Shiina mentioned that Carnage, Spider-Man’s longtime villain, has also been mentioned within. the achievements of the game.

If Carnage is added, then that probably means Venom could be on the way as well, as the two symbiote-based characters are generally at odds with each other.

This season’s new heroes should come as no surprise to players, as other leakers and data miners have already discovered an upcoming addition, Silver Surfer, a former Herald of Galactus who has since been released from their control, will soon be receiving a new one. content pack in the Item Shop.

The Silver Surfer pack was recently deciphered and not only shows the character how fans would expect him to look in the comics, but it also includes additional items like a silver pickaxe, a surfboard, and more. Unfortunately, the release date is apparently the only thing that has yet to be discovered for the new content.


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